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Ash Owens - Rocking the LEO+BE Sandy Skirt

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Stacey Banfield - looking super sweet in the LEO+BE Ocean Singlet & Lilo Short combo - WE LOVE 💕💕

The perfect LEO+BE summer dress - SUNSET DRESS

@thebeautybiblenz 's latest Summer issue is worth the read! take a look ✨ Featuring our Shukka Pinafore

This shot by fashion photographer & stylist @Torihayley | Featuring our Ketz-ke Beginning Top and Burton Short 💙

Loving that @simone_anderson packed so much Ketz-ke in her bag for her weekend away to Taupo

We love summer gingham - our Burton Short and Moda Top is the perfect set

Our Eclair Pant and Frosting Top looking incredible on @petiteperspectives ⚫️️⚪️️

SUMMER 18 | Our Impress short looking 🙌 supper hot on @thebeautybiblenz

how awesome is this shot of Stacey Banfield in the L+B Lakeside Dress, we are obsessed with all her imagery!

We are always SO envious of Stacey Banfield 's amazing holiday getaways! How dreamy does she look in the L+B Novel Top 💥